STAT 157, Spring 19
Table Of Contents
STAT 157, Spring 19
Table Of Contents


The project is really the centerpiece of this class. It is your opportunity to try out and see how to do research. We imposed a lot of constraints. They are due to the fact that we’ve seen many teams in the past delay things until the last minute and then run out of time. The constraints are there to nudge you (rather strongly) to get things done in time and to have a great project.

  • We’ve seen students being slow to assemble a team. This is why there’s a deadline. You must register a team and a tentative project by February 5, 2019. This counts 10% of the score.
  • We’ve seen students put off any meaningful research until the end. This is why there’s a public midterm presentation on March 5, 2019. This counts 20% of the score. You must produce between 1 and 2 pages of a document. Style files are here
  • We’ve seen students not ask for advice from TAs. This is why you now must get signoff from your TA at least once before the final presentation. You need to meet them at least once, at the latest in the week of April 22-25, 2019. This counts 10% of the score.
  • Project presentations are due on May 7 and 9, 2019. We picked two days to ensure that there’s enough time for everyone to present their stuff.
  • The written project report counts 30% and it needs to have at least 6 pages using the same style file. The upper page limit is 20, including appendix, details, etc.; This is to protect the TAs from going crazy with reviewing and grading.
  • The presentation counts 30% of the project. You need to have at least 6 slides and no more than 20 slides in your presentation.

This is a teamwork effort and you must form a team. The project contributes the lion’s share to your grades. We will take the number of team members into account in the evaluation (i.e. a great three student project is probably not going to be such an impressive five student project). All team members will receive the same score (it’s too difficult for us to assess fairly who contributed how much based on possibly contradicting statements). So choose wisely who you work with.

You will be expected to provide a report describing the project in the end. It should describe your work in a reproducible manner, i.e. in enough detail that someone competent could take the report and regenerate the results (after some work but no guesswork) reliably.